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The Goal of this Training is you start your Profitable Algo trading business fast. 


Your Technical- Coach will start with one of our inhouse proprietary trading systems so that you can begin trading even before you start learning. Your instructor will guide you through setting up everything. 


It should take a week or so...then; your first training will be scheduled at a mutually decided time with your trading coach based on the time availability, of course. But nothing to worry your coach is very, very cooperative. 


In the introductory session, you will introduce to 


Curriculum 1: The first step guide to Technical Analysis   


Goal: Introducing the core of Technical Analysis with demarcating the difference between Fundamental & Technical Analysis  


Assignment: Explore various websites to have better insights about Technical Analysis 


Resources / Reference Used in Class: Online notes on the topics.  


Approximate Classes: 1-2 Session 


After completing this session, you will get a clear vision of what is the correct approach you should follow. 


And more importantly, you will know your trading coach.


Next session, you will be introduced to Coding-Coach who will coach you how to code in python language and backtest a trading strategy from scratch. 


Our most of the student comes from the background of zero coding background, Coding-Coach knows this very well, and he introduces you from the ABCD. 


Curriculum 2: CODING Assignment   


Goal: Kick Start as Profitable Algo trader with a proven strategy even before you start learning


Assignment: An assignment as a goal to complete


Resources / Reference Used in Class: 


1. Assignment milestone tracker

2. Full trading strategy  


Approximate Classes: 1-2 Session 

Trading Mastery: Start Your Profitable AlgoTrading Fast

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